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Winter 2014 Newsletter

In a burst of independent action that pushes the principle of the freedom of the press to the limits, the Editor of The Harpenden Society News has unilaterally determined to install a system of 'Without Whom' Awards. The recipients will be Society members who have rendered a service to the town on behalf of The Society 'without whom' it simply would not have happened. And here's two to set rolling the 'Without Whom' ball.

RON TAYLOR – The Society's Publicity Officer – and much else. He has transformed and extended the style and branding of every element of our presentation, including this very newsletter, and he has designed all our publications, leaflets, posters, everything. He is responsible for all the advertising and settings for our public meetings and allied events, including the spectacular success of our 'Celebration' style AGMs. He has worked hard to create and develop the construct of our highly impressive schools competition and he is the man who almost single-handedly has gathered together the town's retailers and encouraged them to be proactive with their Christmas publicity and to become involved with the imaginative and brilliantly presented  Food Fair held at the same time as the Farmers' Market on Sunday 28 September and later on into the afternoon.

Ron Taylor – 'without whom' The Society would be a more drab, colourless, perfunctory agency.

LIZ TROUNCE – The convenor of our marvellous band of doughty volunteers who staff Library Express every Wednesday afternoon and early evening. Liz recruited, helped induct and train the volunteers, supervises all their endeavours and arranges the roster, is on hand to deal with emergencies and generally ensures that this innovatory activity actually works. This is a simple and straightforward accolade for a modest but highly capable operator.

Liz Trounce – 'without whom' Harpenden Library would be closed on Wednesday afternoon and early evenings..

Were musical terminology to be applied to these two stalwarts by way of characterisation, one would be vivace and the other penseroso. Both are obbligato.

Our heartiest thanks to both these 'Without Whom' winners.

Ron Taylor – 'without whom' The Society would be a more drab colourless, perfunctory agency.


A sincere word of appreciation to all those members who generously donated to Chris Marsden's letter of appeal for extra funds to campaign on your behalf and for all those living now and in years to come in Harpenden.

So far we have raised some £1650 which will be put to good use.

It occurs to us that some of you probably thought 'I must donate to that campaigning fund' and then, a visitor knocked at the door, the telephone rang, there was an exciting programme starting on the telly, it somehow slipped your memory.

Don't worry. Just do it now:

Cheques payable to The Harpenden Society sent to our treasurer Harry Downie 66 Eastmoor park, Harpenden AL5 1BW

or by bank transfer; The Harpenden Society's bank account is with the Nat West Bank, Harpenden; account number 28772946; sort code 60-10-07

Come on; Let's make it £3000