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The Society held a packed meeting on 21 February so that the public could join our members to hear what the Herts Community Trust, a newly created part of the NHS, is considering for the Red House. We heard from County Councillor Teresa Heritage that the County supports the proposal to revive the Red House while Eric Midwinter, Co-organiser with Teresa Heritage of the Red House Forum, set the issue in its historical context. Then David Law and Gerry Moir of the HCT described their ambitions for the Red house, and the development of their plans so far.

A good natured but serious discussion followed, and our speakers were left in no doubt about how much our townsfolk want to see all-round health care provided once again here in Harpenden. The depth of feeling in the town was clear.

The HCT promised to keep us updated about their thinking and we will place these announcements on the Society’s website. Keep in touch! We will keep up the pressure. There will probably be another get-together in the The Society's next season of public meetings.

The Red House is Stirring

Above: Left to right. Eric Midwinter, Teresa Heritage,Gerry Moir, and David Law. Below. A packed audience posing many questions.

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