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Our photograph reveals why several Society committee members have become alarmed at the condition of the Common following major shows, such as a big top circus. The Common is a great asset to the town and attracts its fair share of walkers and ramblers, but it is, of course, the chief site for a sizeable urban population for circuses, fairs, vintage car shows, Discovery Days and so on.

The problem is that the latter impose on the former when they cause heavy deterioration and it is important to secure and guarantee a regime which ensures that  any damage is quickly made good and that the timings of such events are seasonable in terms of the likelihood of such environmental hangovers. John Davis, Convenor of the Environmental Services Working Group has taken this matter in hand.

The Morning After  Harpenden Common Hangover

Spring  2013 Newsletter

Power to the People - Collective Purchasing and Switching Schemes

Steve Gledhill, our lynx-eyed Press Officer, was one of The Society's committee who spotted this initiative and wondered whether The Society might seek a role therewith. Following a government-sponsored working party, the Secretary of State for Energy, Edward Davey, sent a letter to all local authorities with recommendations about how to take forward Collective Purchasing and Switching schemes, whereby businesses and householders might negotiate better deals on energy bills through concerted action.  

Apparently local authorities, business combines and community groups have successfully pioneered such practices across the country, with Cornwall a particularly fine example.

Above right Harpenden Common photo courtesy of Society Committee member Alan Jackson.

Bulk buying energy for Harpenden could have quite a bright future.