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Out and About with(and About) The Society

A La Mode with The High Society

The Society maintained its usual presence on the Common for the annual Discovery Day on Saturday 6 June but its representatives were both unusual and uncommon in that they sported our fashionable new regalia of stylised cap and top, as pictured here (Tim Riley -centre and Penny Ayres -right). It certainly enables us to pronounce our existence more emphatically and much interest was shown by members of the public in our activities.

And here are the winners of our Discovery Day draw prizes  - all of them local ladies

Mint Velvet Voucher - Ms. Gent

WHSmith Voucher - Ms Grainger

R&M Family Butcher Voucher - Ms. Daniel

R&M Family Butcher Voucher - Ms. Williams

Rollings Wine Tasting Card - Ms. Marke

Commonly Enjoyable

Society committee personnel and members made a strong showing at the really pleasing annual Town Council Common Walk on  June 25 – and we wonder how many readers can identify the picture taken by Society member Shelagh Collingwood?  

Library Leisure

A 'thank you' garden party was arranged for Tuesday 7 July at the home of The Society's chairman Chris Marsden. This was for the twenty and more volunteers who have for eighteen months kept open the Harpenden Library Express service on Wednesday afternoon and evening – and will continue so to do with great efficiency. After early rain the sun shone admiringly on the guests, including two senior library officials. It made for a relaxed and enjoyable early evening occasion.

Volunteer for Harpenden... and its Society

It's worth having a glance at the Volunteer for Harpenden website which now boasts a score or more organisations seeking those who wish to become involved in worthwhile activity that improves the well-being of the town. www.volunteerforharpenden.org.uk

The Harpenden Society itself is looking for active supporters who might undertake combative roles on its behalf. There are several issues that concern the committee but we lack the personnel to pursue as vigorously as we feel necessary. Thus we are holding a series of brain-storming discussion sessions, hopeful of identifying such activists but please don't hesitate if you feel you could help.

For example, just to pick two instances from the recreational and leisure field, the future development of Rothamsted Park and the needful refurbishment or rebuilding of the public halls are matters which we believe require constant vigilance, in the sense of someone prepared to gather together an alliance of like spirits and interested parties and drive forward plans for reform.

There are other administrative gaps in the ranks. The Society has no vice-chairman and is sadly lacking both a press officer and a fund raising officer at a time when the need to communicate The Society's deeds and boost its never abundant finances is crucial.

Moreover, but importantly, the chairman, Chris Marsden, after what will be five years of gruelling and energetic devotion to civic duty, plans to end his valued stint next year. Would you or, as likely, do you know of someone that you might gently urge to replace him?

Should you be interested or ready to suggest someone, please contact The Society secretary Bob Fletcher at secretary@harpendensociety.org

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